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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Joining God in His mission to reach students with the gospel and transform the world

 Monthly Update

  This spring semester, BSM student Malicia Donaldson  has postponed her spring semester classes to invest in the people of Haiti.  Malicia is working with a Texas Baptist group called We Care Haiti; a ministry that began after the devastating earthquake of 2010.  Their work will be one of relief aid and gospel sharing.  Ever sense the earthquake, Malicia has been deeply burdened for the people of Haiti and has even served there in a prior one-week trip.  Please pray for her, as she is now investing six months in Haiti.  You can send Malicia a note of encouragement here:  After her return to the US and the completion of her degree, Malicia plans to either return to Haiti as a Journeyman or attend Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to prepare for a career as an IMB missionary.  

Go Now Missions

This year has been a record-setting year for Texas BSM!  Texas BSM’s Go Now Missions has sent out over 400 Texas BSM students to foreign and domestic mission fields.  Our hope, is that students who return from the field will be more apt to GIVE to missions, PRAY for missions, and GO back as career missionaries. 

The Sam Houston BSM is preparing to send a team of 28 missionaries to South Padre Island to reach the beach over Spring Break.  Our team will engage in servant evangelism: giving free van rides, offering free breakfast, and sharing the gospel. 

 In May, TEBA and the Sam Houston BSM are co-sponsoring a mission trip to the UK, to join the labor of our associational partners.  Our team of nine, will be engaging the lost through children’s programs and university evangelism.  Please be in prayer for us as we prepare and go.  

Upcoming Events 

  • Mystery Mayhem Night: February 28th
  • Beach Reach: March 8-15
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